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The world is changing, and so is the insurance industry as a whole. Providing comprehensive cover for when members require it is no longer compelling enough, nor is it sustainable. Instead, members seek real value at all times from their insurer. To this end, Generali and Vitality help members live a healthier lifestyle and be rewarded for it too. As the leading health management programme globally, Vitality motivates, rewards and supports all members within its model and offers new possibilities for various stakeholders. Ultimately, it will change the way that people view and engage with insurance.


Vitality was launched in 1997 by the Discovery Group in South Africa. It is the world’s largest, scientifically proven wellness programme and has expanded its global operations to the United Kingdom, the USA and across Asia with over 3.5 million members. Generali Vitality combines actuarial, behavioural and clinical tools in a step-by-step programme that helps members improve their health through wellness activities and healthy lifestyle choices. Members receive rewards for getting healthier, which ultimately has a positive impact on the prevalence of mortality and morbidity experience in the insurance business and in society.



1: Know your health

The first step to getting healthier is to understand how healthy you are. Generali Vitality helps members to understand their current health status by supporting them with fitness and health checks.

2. Improve your health

Based on the results of step 1, members receive a customised wellness solution to help them improve their overall health and wellbeing. By making access to wellness activities easier, we encourage members to take small steps towards a healthier life.

3. Enjoy your rewards

While in step 1 and 2 the partners’ benefits are mainly meant to support members in pursuing a healthy lifestyle, step 3 is all about rewarding members for their activities. The more members engage in living a healthier life, the greater their travel, lifestyle and other rewards.


It’s engaging.

  • Everybody can participate, regardless of their current health and fitness level.
  • Generali Vitality makes living a healthier life, such as eating healthily and exercising, easier and cheaper with access to a broad range of health and wellness partners at significantly reduced rates.
  • Generali Vitality helps people improve their long-term health through short-term achievable goals, where every step counts.

It’s rewarding.

  • The status-based programme suggests smaller goals over a shorter period and leads to tangible rewards.
  • The different Vitality statuses encourage ongoing engagement regardless of how fit and healthy a member is.
  • Members can track their progress online and benefit from the rewards throughout their journey to a healthier life.

It’s sustainable.

  • Vitality messages and benefits are tailored to nudge members towards ongoing healthy behaviour and to ensure the greatest levels of engagement.
  • It’s easy to engage with benefits and partners and everyone earns points and rewards for getting healthier.

It’s proven.

  • Leading academic institutions such as Harvard Business School, RAND Corporation, and Cambridge University have proven the programme’s efficacy.
  • The results: improved clinical health outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, increased productivity at work, and lower mortality and morbidity rates.


Generali Vitality motivates members to live a healthier life. As they engage with the many activities in the programme, they earn Vitality points. The more Vitality points they earn, the higher their status – beginning with bronze, then silver, on to gold and finally platinum. The higher their status, the higher the rewards offered by our partners.




23 SEPT 2016 - 11:00

Munich – world-famous tennis player as brand ambassador: Angelique Kerber becomes the face of Generali Vitality, the innovative programme launched to encourage healthier behaviour among customers. A philosophy that, as witnessed by Angelique, is the perfect expression of how important it is to take care of health to obtain major goals. Developing and keeping mental and physical wellbeing requires diligence and endurance, the same qualities that helped Angelique to reach major sporting achievements such as the participation in the finals of Wimbledon, the recent triumph at the Australian Open and at the US Open, the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the first position of the WTA Ranking.

During the press conference, Angelique said: “I know as an athlete how important it is to move and eat healthily, no matter whether you are an amateur or professional athlete. During my career I’ve learned how important it is to believe in yourself and work on yourself, step by step. Then everything is possible. I fully support Generali Vitality’s goal to motivate people to live healthier lives and I am delighted to have the chance to help to achieve this".

Giovanni Liverani, CEO of Generali Deutschland AG, is also enthusiastic about the new face of Generali Vitality: “I am very pleased to welcome Angelique Kerber, into our Generali Vitality Community. One of the most successful sportswomen of our time, an international star and rightly the number one in the world of tennis, Angelique is both ambitious and humble. Angelique Kerber is down-to-earth and modest despite her sporting success. We are incredibly excited to work together to inspire people to achieve their own personal best".


6 SEPT 2016 - 11:00

Trieste/Paris – Generali Vitality is now going live in France, following the successful launch of the healthlinked insurance programme in Germany in July 2016. In France, Generali Vitality has been specifically designed to be a voluntary part of health and protection insurance contracts offered to corporate clients. Generali Vitality is the scientific-based wellness programme that rewards customers for healthy living and aims to improve employee health and wellbeing, which is proven to have a positive impact on employee engagement and productivity.

Gian Paolo Meloncelli, Group Strategy and Business Development Director of Generali Group commented: “We are very proud to have taken the lead to introduce a programme that re-invents the customer experience within the insurance market in Europe. Generali Vitality is a unique solution for all our clients who are looking to improve their health by changing their lifestyles. Building on the great success of Generali Vitality in the German market we are now very excited to launch the programme in France with a model specifically tailored for the French market and with a set of very compelling partners. This is another important milestone that confirms the capability of our Group to deliver innovative solutions that improve our clients’ lives.”

Yanick Philippon, Executive Committee Member of Generali France, said: "By introducing Generali Vitality to our corporate clients, Generali France offers innovative solutions to workplace issues regarding employee wellbeing and the prevention of psychosocial risks. Promoting wellness and reducing workplace stress is a top priority of the Generali Vitality programme. It helps companies to look after their employees ensuring high standards of health, safety and wellbeing as well as to improve productivity at the workplace. At the same time it helps employees to understand more about the importance of physical health and mental wellbeing.”

The Generali Vitality programme aims to motivate our clients to live healthier and to feel better. Vitality, founded by Discovery, has a successful track record achieving sustainable health improvements in various markets worldwide for almost 20 years. The programme is based on extensive clinical, actuarial and behavioural economics to help people live healthier, more active lives. In Germany, Generali Vitality is offered to retail customers of select term life and occupational disability insurance. In France, the programme will be accessible to companies that subscribe to a health and/or protection insurance contract with Generali France. Employees who take steps to improve their health are given discounts and rewards through our Vitality partners such as Club Med, Look Voyages and Weedoogift that offer bonus discounts at Sephora, FNAC and Decathlon.

Starting January 2017 Generali will offer Generali Vitality to corporate clients in France, thereby extending the Generali Vitality footprint in Europe. Through Discovery, Vitality enjoys a global membership base of nearly 4 million across a number of markets, including South Africa, the United Kingdom, USA, Asia and Australia. At the heart of the Vitality model is the concept of shared value, which is changing the global insurance industry. This positive reinforcing cycle is about adding value to society in a way that benefits individuals, insurers and society as a whole. Generali has exclusive rights for the mainland European market.


23 JUNE 2016 - 11:00

Trieste/Munich – Generali today announces the launch of Generali Vitality, an innovative health and wellness programme designed to encourage and reward healthy behaviour for customers seeking a healthier lifestyle. Generali has exclusive rights to the programme in mainland Europe where it will first be available to customers in Germany, starting from 1 July.

Generali Vitality in Germany will be offered to new customers of term life and occupational disability insurance as an optional programme linked to their policies. Through the use of a simple and smart digital programme, customers will be motivated to achieve their individual wellness goals and to take steps to make healthy choices and lead healthier lives. By incorporating this innovative programme, Generali changes the nature of the conversation about life insurance by engaging with both our retail and corporate customers in their journey towards healthier living.

Philippe Donnet, CEO of Generali Group, commented: “Insurers play an essential role in protecting their customers when things go wrong but at Generali we believe that prevention is an equally important aspect of the role we have in our customers’ lives. The Generali Vitality programme is about motivating our customers to live better by making healthier choices, which bring value for them and for society as a whole. This disruptive offering is available to anyone who wants to improve their state of health and wellbeing no matter their starting point. The Generali Vitality programme is another example of our strategy to develop simple and smart solutions, which are fully digitalised and designed around our customers’ needs.”

The Generali Vitality journey starts with customers creating their own personalised health goals and objectives, tailored to their own situation, via an online health assessment. Based on the science of behavioural economics, Generali Vitality customers are supported in achieving their personal health and fitness objectives through a three step approach: know your health, improve your health and enjoy rewards. The programme is open to all new customers, regardless of their state of health, and they decide which data they will provide to mark progress towards their individual goals. The rewards and discounts have been designed to encourage ‘healthy choices’ and are offered through a wide variety of Generali Vitality partners, including: Adidas, Fitness First, Garmin and Weight Watchers. It is not only fitness and exercise that are encouraged, but also other healthy activities such as awareness of medical check-ups, stopping smoking and maintaining a good diet.

Generali Vitality delivers a unique and compelling customer proposition that creates value for both customers and society by improving health and reducing health care costs. Vitality is a global wellness programme developed by our partner Discovery Ltd of South Africa with more than 3.6 million members in 13 countries across the world including Great Britain, USA and Australia. It is scientifically proven; built on 20 years of experience and supported by leading academic institutions such as Harvard and Duke University.

In Germany, Generali Vitality will be offered for new customers of term life or occupational disability insurance policies with either Dialog Lebensversicherungs-AG or Generali Lebensversicherung AG, respectively. Each country in which Generali Vitality is subsequently made available will develop an offering suitable for its individual market.

For more info see the interview with Gian Paolo Meloncelli and the Vitality video.